Hopes, Dreams and Horses

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-Vicki Banks, mother of rider Joshua Banks


Our son has been taking riding lessons at Hopes, Dreams and Horses since he was 14. In a society that too often sees disabilities, weekly visits to HDH for the past 14 years have given Josh a tremendous pride of accomplishment and so much more that we could never put a price on.  No matter how anxious or frustrating his day has been, as soon as he’s on “his” horse his entire attitude changes, he sings and smiles from ear to ear!  Not only that, but since leaving the school system at 21, he’s learned a lot more than grooming and controlling a horse—using visual aids, the instructors have found innovative ways to teach literacy and math, even money management and communication.


We cannot say enough about the educational and therapeutic miracles that Sue Copeland and her capable, committed, compassionate crew achieve at every HDH lesson. Their programs help people of all abilities overcome physical and mental challenges and enhance their quality of life while reaching their potential.




-Deanna, volunteer

Best barn ever, you guys changed my summer and my life and taught me how not everything is not just about me but it's about other children. Some of the kids I met are like my siblings and the horses that are there are treated with respect care and love and it is like having your own barn. Because you always need  volunteers it makes us feel useful and special. Love all of you guys!!!!




-Shannon, volunteer and mother of two summer camp riders

I cannot thank you guys enough for the wonderful week we all had! Liani and Alex learned so much and had a ton of fun! And I love that you treated Alex just like the big kids and let him do everything they were doing. You guys are the best!!!!