Hopes, Dreams and Horses

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As you walk into the main barn, Mr. Personality, (I mean Robin) will be sure to grab your attention by nudging his stall window telling you to come his way. He is the second largest of our heros here at HDH. Robin is a 22 year old quarter horse. He was donated by Betty and Irvin Keel of Jupiter Farms along with his best friend Blaze when he was 10 years old. Thank you, Betty and Irvin. Your boys do an amazing job here and are well loved!


Mr. Personality is such a handsome man although he may be large and intimidating to some, his kind eyes allow you to see the big teddy bear in him. He is truly a special man who wears many hats. He loves his job whether it be: the challenge of a half-pass across the arena at the canter; to being ridden by a child who is riding independent for the first time; or being a part of the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program and encouraging a child to open up in therapy for the first time.




Robin’s beautiful red coat also brings along skin issues. Robin has a year round allergy to gnats. He is treated with Major's Solution internally and externally two times a day.

Thank You Major's Solution for donating!  


All volunteers and even some riders are taught to care for his affected areas, Robin sees this as a great time for bonding and loves his personal massages. With your kind contribution, whether it be through adopting him for the month/year or a general donation, all of us at Hopes, Dreams and Horses are forever thankful!


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Robin loves to drink from the hose!