Hopes, Dreams and Horses

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We feel very lucky to have had Mary Jo Stubbs choose us for a home for her wonderful horse Raisin. When Mary Jo realized she did not have the time to spend with her special horse, rather than selling Raisin she decided to donate her to Hopes, Dreams and Horses.


It was a match made in heaven! Raisin has been with us for almost two years now and brings joy to many students and volunteers.


She is a nine year old quarter horse and unlike most of our horses, Raisin does not have any health issues. We call her our "tippy toe girl" as she is very careful how she steps and loves to babysit whoever is on her back.


Raisin is pictured above meeting "Joey" the puppet horse from the play War Horse. We were invited to bring some therapy horses to the Kravis Center to meet him. It is a testiment on how calm Raisin is as most horses would find the puppet very scary!


Raisin is available for sponsorship!