Hopes, Dreams and Horses

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As Blaze enters the barn, his calming aura fills the aisle ways. As people get to know Blaze they truly see that therapy horses are the true ‘million dollar horses’. His flowing red mane with golden highlights brings out everyones inner child as they braid his long locks.


Blaze was donated by Betty and Irvin Keel  along with his best friend Robin. Blaze was ten years old when Robin was born and has been with him his entire life. They are pasture and barn buddies as their stalls sit right next to each other. Blaze came to us with sloppy eating techniques from his lack of top teeth, which makes everyone in the barn laugh (including Robin). Blazes’ lifelong bad habit of cribbing (biting wood) teaches all of us that bad habits can have some pretty sloppy consequences;)  


Amazingly for his age, Blaze has no health problems and greets each day with joy


Although Blaze is thirty one years old, we believe his mission in life keeps him young. Once you drive down the oak lined driveway and meet our soulful Blaze, you too will understand what Hopes, Dreams and Horses is all about.


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It is with the deepest sadness that we had to say goodbye to Blaze just short of his 32nd birthday. We tried everything in our power to make him comfortable and correct the condition with his feet that he developed but to no avail. He is missed every day and left us with some incredible memories. Blaze you were the best!