Hopes, Dreams and Horses

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Azland is one of Hopes, Dreams and Horses original horses starting with the program in 1998, sixteen years ago!


She is now nineteen years old and her breed is half Paso Fino and half Arabian.


Azland is semi-retired as she has occasional lameness issues dating back to surgery on a hind ankle. She usually only works a couple of days a week so we can keep her sound.


She loves her job with the kids so we are using her more in the EAL and EAP programs which do not involve only riding.


Being a chestnut (red-head) she also along with Ginger and Robin suffers from the allergies to gnats. The gnats tend to attack mostly the belly, chest and faces along with the mane and tail.


Azland LOVES to be groomed and makes funny faces when you scatch a favorite spot.


When the weather is warm she loves to go swimming too!

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It is with sad and heavy hearts that we at Hopes, Dreams, and Horses report the loss of our beautiful, sweet Azland. We laid her to rest on Oct.8,2014 She is now free from the earth bound vessel that was causing her so much pain. Forever free to gallop through the greenest of pastures. This dear angel meant so much to so many. A best friend to some, baby girl to others, a dream of a trail horse, a therapeutic ride. She had the best nickers and gave the sweetest kisses. Be free and forever young, Azland! We will miss you forever and for always.